Getting the right venue for your big day can be a daunting task. Sky-high costs often characterise traditional wedding venues, but a marquee wedding can save the day.

A marquee is a creative concept as it allows couples to choose any location and hold their wedding in a canvas style atmosphere. Marquees are characterized by reliability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness but below we’ve listed some of the main reasons why more and more people are choosing marquee weddings.


Traditional wedding venues can be limiting when it comes to wedding themes and decorations. With marquees, you can choose from many designs or even work on your idea from a blank canvas. You can shape them into classic themed, vintage, rustic, or romantic. This way the wedding becomes about the bride and groom, and not about a venue company!


You can have a big wedding and not have to worry about the budget (to some extent). Traditional wedding venues are usually expensive, and they are sold with caterers and fixed menus and bars. They charge all costs per head. A marquee wedding enables you to choose affordable options for food, drinks, furniture, and decorations. Food is at the heart of every wedding celebration. The ability to select your caterers will ensure that nothing goes wrong cuisine-wise. Your guests will not be restricted to some tight menu. No, they will have a variety of high-quality food to tantalize their taste buds. You only need to find the right caterer and tell them your objectives.

You get to choose your venue

There is so much versatility with marquees when it comes to locations. You can hold a marquee wedding anywhere as long as there is some space. If for one reason or another you couldn’t find a wedding house at your favorite location, marquees will save your day. You will get to tie the knot at a place you love for the creation of wonderful memories. Today many commercial properties host marquee weddings. They are available for hire for a small fee.

The party can go until dawn

Marquee weddings are fun. The party can go until the morning without curfews that are typical for traditional wedding venues. For those places, the celebrations usually have to end at midnight. Then again, for a marquee wedding, you will be outdoors and in touch with the environment. There is no better wedding than one where you breathe fresh air and enjoy scenic landscapes as you exchange vows.

Your wedding day deserves to be perfect in every way. Marquees enable you to have the control it takes to achieve the perfection you desire.