Your wedding day is one of the most magical and memorable days of your life. A professional photographer will of course capture the classic images of the bride, groom and family, but lot of the fun happens when the lights dim and the reception starts. By placing disposable cameras on each table, you can add a new, natural and perhaps naughty twist to your wedding album.

Catch every moment

The happy couple are pretty busy mingling on their wedding day. Speeches, cake cutting and greeting guests can make the time pass as thuough it’s a bit of a blur. Many brides and grooms can often feel as though they have missed out on the fun and frivolity. So why not make your family and friends your own, unpaid reportage reporters so that you can see exactly what happened away from the top table.

A different vision

With the advent of smart-phones, everyone’s a photographer. Each person has an individual way of seeing and setting up a shot, which can add interest and variety to your wedding images. With disposable cameras scattered around the room you can enjoy a guest’s eye view of the day. They may catch moments of magic: that stolen kiss with your partner, the bridesmaids giggling together or the flower girl smearing her face with chocolate from the fountain.

Breaking the ice

Weddings bring together people of different ages and backgrounds. It can be tricky to get everyone to mingle and meet new people. A disposable camera can be the perfect ice-breaker, encouraging people to play around, pose and have fun with friends new and old.

Cool cameras

Today’s disposable cameras are a long way from the black or branded versions in the past. They are available in bridal white, funky metallic or in a myriad of colours to tie in with your colour scheme.

Candid kids

If you’ve invited children to your wedding, a camera can be a great way to keep them occupied when the reception starts. They can have enormous fun as official junior photographers. Yes, some of the shots may be blurry or bizarre- but they may also capture scenes that adults would miss. The good news is that the cameras are inexpensive when bought in bulk, so worth the odd shot of a shoe, floor or pocket!

Unlike your guests’ smart-phones, a disposable camera sets the photographer free. They can capture candid shots that have a spontaneity and charm that the official pictures may lack and you will be left with the images to enjoy when you return from honeymoon- it’s like reliving your wedding day.