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Wedding photography makes the memories of your wedding day last a life time, with an array of beautiful images to tell the story of your big day.  Wedding photography has different styles, that’s why choosing a wedding photographer that can work to produce finished images to suit your taste is so important.

All You Need To Know About Wedding Photography!

We have put together some information to help guide you through your planning and choosing a wedding photographer for your big day. We will cover all aspects from, styles, finishes & packages.

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Wedding Images- Tells a thousand words

Wedding Photography Styles

There are three main styles of photography when it comes to weddings; Documentary, Traditional & Artistic. All three have a unique approach to wedding photography, and the choice of style is purely down to the couple’s preference. Putting together a collection of wedding images you like is the best way to work out what style to choose for your wedding day.

Photography Packages

You may feel overwhelmed with wedding photography package prices and what is and isn’t included. Wedding packages vary depending on coverage time, post editing, engagement shoots and second shooters to name a few. Take your time in deciding exactly what you want captured and go from there, that way you only pay for what you want, with no hidden extras!

The Finished Look

The finished look of a photo is an important consideration when it comes to selecting a wedding photographer for your big day. From black & white to coloured, the finished image will depend on the photographers post-editing style. Some other photography finishes such as a film appearance are becoming a popular choice.

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Let The Images Tell The Story…

Re-live your wedding day through stunning images captured throughout your day any time you want, that’s what wedding photography is all about. Telling a detailed story of your big day, from the small details to the first kiss, every moment is a memory you never want to forget.

Taking you time and doing your research is the key to finding the perfect wedding photographer for your big day. Looking at their previous work and meeting up with them face to face is the best way to find out if they will be the best option for your wedding day.

Wedding photography should be an early consideration in your wedding planning, especially if you have a wedding on a Saturday and during the summer months as these dates can be fully booked well in advanced.


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