Wedding planning is a complex matter, and while when we think about it the larger elements come to mind, however those small details are what really make your wedding day special. Whether you have a theme to your wedding or not, the small finishing touches to the décor sets your wedding day above the rest.

Wedding Favours:

The perfect way to say thank you to your guests for celebrating your special day with them, is with a wedding favour. These are usually presented at the guests table place at the wedding meal. Traditionally, wedding favours were sugar coated almonds, while modern day weddings usually opt for an alternative choice. Wedding favours tend to match the theme of the wedding, for example, a country wedding may have small pots of homemade jam with the wedding date and couples name on the sticker, or a seaside themed wedding may have shell shaped chocolates in a personalised box. Wedding favours may seem like a small detail to your wedding day, however they are a wonderful way of remembering the day and of course showing your personalised appreciation to the guests.

Table centrepieces:

Similar to the wedding favours previously mentioned, wedding tables are a great way to bring to life your wedding day theme. Weddings that are around Christmas time, may add baubles with the guest’s names on as the seating placement tag. While some like to keep their wedding table centrepieces small, others love to make a statement. Whichever you decide, these small details are what makes you day to unique and special.

Venue décor:

We have included this in the fine details, as the décor of your wedding reception is made up of so many small parts that make the final look. Décor can include anything from wall hangings and buntings, to props and furniture options. Some old vintage weddings may add additional vintage pieces of furniture to bring extra character to the theme of their wedding day.


A Guestbook is a must at any wedding, as it is such a great way for guests to write about your wonderful wedding day. As the name describes, it is in the form of a book, however there have been some modern day twists to the wedding guestbook. Some couples may have a wooden tree which small cards can be added with the message written on each card. The cards can be collected at the end of the wedding and placed into a scrap book or a collage can be made and framed to create a memorable display of the messages.

Once your wedding day is over, you can collect together all of the fine details from your wedding and create a memory box of your wedding day, bringing back fond memories whenever you want.