When it comes to wedding attire, the first thing that springs to mind is usually the wedding dress. That said, it is important not to forget about the other important person involved on the big day; The groom.

The grooms wedding fashion is just as important as the brides, that’s why we have broken it down to make it that little bit easier:


Like most fashion, there are some styles that suit particular body shapes more than others, and that certainly applies to suits too. There are a few options when it comes to suits, and it all depends on the wedding theme, the grooms style and body shape.

Long tail suits are commonly chosen for more traditional weddings, and tend to be complimented with a top hat and cravat (which we will discuss in later points). This type of suit can look extremely smart, however it can sometimes make the shorter men appear smaller than they actually are, so is more suited for the taller gentleman.

Fitted suits are becoming increasingly popular as the bring a modern and sophisticated twist to the groom’s attire. This suit can be styled up by adding more accessories than you would add to the long tail suits.

Tie or cravat:

The bow tie, neck tie and cravat are the three competitors when it comes to dressing the neck. The cravat tends to compliment the long tail suits as it follows the traditional style wedding, while the two remaining look great with a fitted suit, and the choice is simply down to the preference of the groom.


Wedding shoes instantly add style to an outfit, so time should be taken when it comes to picking a pair to wear on the big day. You will need to decide on the colour you want, taking into consideration the colour of your suit and neck tie. Brown shoes suit a navy blue suit more than black; however, you may wish to wear a bold colour to stand out.


Accessories are the finishing touches to complete your wedding outfit, and can include a pocket square, cufflinks, a tie pin, and maybe even trouser braces.