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Wedding venues are what really make your wedding day stand out from the rest. Choosing from an indoor or outdoor setting, church or registry office, a beach or castle, the possibilities are endless!

Lets Talk About Wedding Destinations!

Your wedding destination can be wherever you want it to be.. Well with some limits. Firstly, do you want it indoors or outdoors? A Church or an old historical castle? A beach or a forest? The list can go on.

If you are thinking about a wedding abroad or an English country wedding, only you can make it happen.

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Destinations, Locations & Venues


For those that wish to get married under Gods name may be looking into a church ceremony. Many couples choose to tie the knot in a Church, even if they are not regular attendees of the church service. This is a popular option for a wedding ceremony as it holds a religious and traditional value to exchanging vows and becoming wed.

At the Beach

For sun seekers or those looking for a picturesque backdrop to their wedding day, you may want to consider a beach wedding. There are many attractive beaches in the UK, however the weather isn’t always reliable. Beach weddings abroad are becoming a popular option for those looking for an intimate wedding.

Registry Office

Legalise your marriage at a registry office if you are not religious and do not wish to marry in a church or religious building. Registry office weddings have increased considerably over the past decade, with many offering the ceremony and reception within one venue, it has becomes a very easy and convenient option for you and your guests.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas

If you are lovers of the outdoors, choosing an outdoor wedding setting is a fantastic way to express your personality. Outdoor weddings can include forest/woodland, farmyards and of course the seaside. Just remember to have a backup option for unplanned weather changes during the course of the day, otherwise it could be a bit of a stressful nightmare that you and your guests will quickly want to forget.

Themed Wedding Venues

Many couples love to make their wedding day different from the rest, and choosing a theme is certainly one way to do just that. Disney, travelling, country and vintage are just a few ideas to get the ball rolling. Having a theme can help provide a pivot to your wedding planning from table decorations to wedding guests favour ideas, but it’s also a great way of adding your own personality to the feel of your wedding.

Marquee Wedding Reception

Marquees are a great alternative to hiring a hall for your wedding reception, and they provide you with the flexibility to placing it where you want. Some couples with a large amount of land can even place a marquee in their field if they choose. Marquees are a good idea during the summer months, however with good heating options available, more winter marquee receptions are being seen nowadays so they can be made cosy.

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Its All About The Location

Exploring different destinations for your wedding day is the best way to open your mind up to the different possibilities out there. Don’t be afraid to try something a little different from the usual, and always discuss your ideas with each other to make sure the location suits both of your preferences.

There really is no limit to creating the perfect destination for your wedding day. With good planning and a clear site in mind you can make any dream a reality.

Weekend and summer weddings need to be planned for well in advance due to the demand, and the risk of your dream venue being fully booked for your wedding date. Good luck and start exploring all avenues!


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